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Initiative to help homeless people marks 4th anniversary with “plan to put warm clothes on every high street”

  • Main launch event, Vauxhall subway, 1pm – 2pm, 28 January with bands & speakers. (Launches also in Leeds, Brighton & Manchester)

As temperatures plummet across the UK, an innovative initiative offering help to homeless people and those facing winter hardship, will mark its 4th anniversary with launches of “Take One Leave One” rails in four cities.

“I love this idea” Boy George joins other celebrities in endorsing TOLO

Boy George

A simple way to help homeless people, the initiative enables communities to provide warm clothing to homeless people and anyone experiencing hardship in the winter months. It will be launching new rails in Manchester, Brighton and Leeds and at the London launch, details will be announced about proposals to work with homelessness charity shops to put a Take One on every high street.

“For the last four years Take One Leave One rails have been sprouted in towns and cities across the UK but this plan will bring them to every high street in the country,” said Stefan Simanowitz, Take One Leave One founder.

Take One Leave One Rails

“We have approached every heads of the main UK charity shops with a simple proposal – that they put a rail of warm clothes for homeless people outside their shops this winter. With freezing temperatures hitting, this simple idea which can be replicated on any street in the world, is trying to ensure homeless people and anyone facing hardship can stay warm.”

Over the last four years, scores of rails have sprung up across the UK and even spread to the US and Canada. Starting with just one rail, year two saw a dozen and year three saw more than 20 rails. Last winter more than 30 rails were set up and this winter, organisers hope see even more rails.

Friday’s launch event is happening at once such rail in Vauxhall that is celebrating its first anniversary. There will be speakers, (possible) celebrities and bands including Ilana Lorraine, singing the homeless anthem, Just to Feel Your Love and the Famubla Singers singing Homeless.

“We have a great team of dedicated volunteers who want to make a difference to people’s lives, no matter how small. One of our volunteers met us when he was homeless. He visited us often and was so motivated he was able to seek accommodation and now volunteers with us every week,” said Hayley Eroeola who helped set up and run the Take One Leave One Vauxhall rail.

“We see many new faces every week, but there are around 25 regulars who pop by for clothes and snacks but mainly for a cuppa and a chat. Many people can go a whole week without talking to anyone and that’s where our team can step in. It is an honour to be there each week and support those in need.”

Take One Leave One (“TOLO”) has the received the thumbs up from homelessness charities including Centrepoint, Shelter, Crisis and the Big Issue who helped promote the project on social media over a number of years.

TOLO has also received celebrity support with visits from actor Rob Delaney and Tweets from the likes of Gary Linekar, Emily Maitlis and band Massive Attack who helped set up and to promote Take One Leave One Bristol.

“Take One Leave One is not a charity or an organisation. It is an idea. An idea that we hope will be taken up by homelessness charity shops across the country ensuring we have a TOLO rail on every high street.”

Stefan Simanowitz.
Take One Leave One

“I love this idea. Please be kind” Boy George tweeted on launch day last year.

Get Involved in Take One Leave One

Make a sign or order a banner for £30 + p&p from or contact for a free starter pack

Photos – Available on request

For more information Email:

TWITTER – @Take1_Leave1

INSTAGRAM – @takeoneleaveone_

TOLO also has a new mascot this year in the shape of Farringdon Bear, a homeless stuffed Koala who was found on a train in Farringdon Station earlier this year and whose search for his owner went viral and hit the media. (read his story here

Details of where to find your local TOLO rail and being regularly updated on our website

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Take One Leave One rail


To find your local rail or find people who might help set one up, use the hashtag #TOLO + the name of your town/city (e.g. #TOLONewcastle) on Twitter and on Instagram

PLEASE NOTE: During the pandemic rails are fully COVID compliant with sanitisers and guidance


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Whilst Take One, Leave One may offer some respite for rough sleepers in the coming weeks, initiatives such as this can only have a small, short-term impact. What is needed is government action. In Finland, homelessness was eliminated through its “housing first” policy which offers people who need them permanent places to call home.

For more information about homelessness contact:

Albert Kennedy Trust; Centrepoint; The Connection at St Martins; Crisis; Depaul; Homeless Link; Housing Justice; LandAid; New Horizon Youth Centre; Providence Row; Shelter; St Mungo’s; Thames Reach; The Big Issue Foundation; The Passage; The Salvation Army; West London Mission; YMCA England

Take One leave one


1. Get a clothes rail 

2. Find good location (ideally sheltered from the rain)

3. Get the green light from locals

4. Make a sign or order a banner for £30 + p&p from or contact for a free starter pack

5. Collect warm clothes and hang them on the rail

6. Make sure it is fully #COVID safe 

7. Contact local media (we can provide a template press release)

8/. Post on social media – Set up a Twitter / Instagram site using #TOLO plus the name of your city/town/village. You can also use this hashtag (e.g. #TOLOGuildford to see if there is already a rail near you OR to find local people who might be happy to help.